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All of our Sporrans come with a standard chained strap.

  Price on Request (POR) - Please email us your order, with all of the customizations and we will contact you with a price quote.

Custom colors are available for most sporrans and will be a similar price as listed below.  Contact us for more details.

Celtic Fine 1 - $85
 Celtic Fine 2 - $85
 Celtic Fine 3 - $85
St. Pats - $95 Celtic Studded Knot - $90 Basic Leather - $39.50
Colors Black or Brown

 Fire - POR
 Celtic Leather Lion - $85
 Celtic Green-Gold - POR
 Rustic - $85

 Celtic Fur Lion - $85
 Celtic Fur Tassel - $85
Sporran of the West - $175
 Celtic Plain Fur - $49.50


 Dress Fur 1 - $175
 Dress Fur 2 - $175  Dress Fur 3 - $175
 Dress Fur 4 - $175  Dress Tassel - $195
Brown or Black
 Dress Gem 1 - $175
 Dress Gem 2 - $175  

 Custom Clan/Family Crests - POR
 Custom Shrine - POR
 Custom Personalized - POR


 - Hair Sporran - $215
- Hair Sporran with Full Pocket - $250
Has a place to store your wallet or cell phone
Hair Sporran with Full Pocket showing where a cell phone could be placed
Image 2 of 3
Back of Hair Sporran with Full Pocket
Image 3 of 3

 Lady's Sporran Purse - POR
(front image)
In your email; request "Make it a purse"
 Lady's Sporran Purse - POR
(back image)

If you don't see what you want, please contact us.


You can send your order via email to

Please include the item name, quantity, contact information, shipping information, and any custom information.

If you're ordering a Sporran, please include in your email order, one of the following Chained Sporran Strap sizes.

(Measure from waist height to the top of the sporran height.)

Small (39-44)
Medium, (43-49)
Large (47-53)
Extra Large (53-57)

Sizes are approximations.  Height or weight may change the size needed.

Once your order is confirmed via e-mail, a payment must be made via Check, Money Order or PayPal before the order will be filled.  An estimated ship date will then be given.

Stock items will normally ship in 3-4 days, after payment is received.

Sales tax will be applied to orders for Illinois residents.

Price on Request (POR) - Please email us with all of the customizations and we will contact you with a price quote.

If multiple products are ordered (submitted), they will be shipped together, if possible.

We offer a 5% discount on quantities of 20 or more, of the same item.

If you have any questions before you order, please contact us.

Our Leather Products:
Sporrans - many styles

 We Also Carry:
Plaid Broaches

For other traditional products that will complete your highland uniform, check on our links at the top left.

As an option on many of our items, we can customize per your request.

Also check the links at the top left for information on payments, repairs, or to
contact us.

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